Financing For The Purchase Of Real Estate In Panama, Nicaragua, And Peru

“Kathleen, I would like to know what are the rates for mortgages in Nicaragua, Panama, and Peru if you are there? Can you finance the land or only construction? How much of the transaction can you finance?”

–Steve L., United States

Panama is the only country of the three that you name where you can get a mortgage as a non-resident. Typical LTV in Panama is 70%, and the interest rate will be in the range of 6.5%. As a resident you can get a higher LTV and a lower interest rate if the property is to be your primary residence.

In Nicaragua you can get a mortgage as a resident. Last I knew, though, the interest rates were in the double digits. LTVs would be low.


“Kathleen, thank you for publishing the recent essay from your Editorial Assistant David. I am probably going to retire to Thailand because of the people, the culture, the food, the beaches, the mountains, the wildlife, the serenity with excitement always available when wanted, and the low cost of living for a very comfortable lifestyle.

“My only fear is that I will rarely see my grandkids, who live in New England. However, you have given me another level of peace of mind that Thailand will not mean isolation from the young people I love so much.

“By the way, I am at presently in Chiang Mai, where it is warm and wonderful. In a few years, when I am settled in Thailand, I think I will pen an open invitation to all young people everywhere to come and visit me.

“Thanks again for your encouragement, David.”

–Bill D., Thailand

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