Financing And Residency Visa Programs In Chile

“Kathleen, I’m a U.S. citizen looking to relocate to Latin America. I understand it’s difficult to obtain a mortgage in a number of Latin American countries. If I want to move to Chile and purchase property to obtain residency, would I be able to get a loan from a Chilean bank, or is that not realistic? In other words, unless I can secure a loan from a U.S. institution, would I have to expect to make a cash transaction if purchasing property?

“Thank you for your time.”

–Barry P., United States

It is possible for a foreigner to borrow for the purchase of real estate in Chile but only as a resident. You’d have to be a resident for years before a bank would consider lending to you.

Furthermore, Chile does not offer an invest-for-residency program whereby the purchase of property qualifies you for a visa. You’d need to seek residency independent of any real estate purchase.

Note that these things (financing and residency options) vary country to country. Some countries offer retiree residency programs, some countries offer investor residency programs. These are important things to research for the particular countries that interest you.

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