Financing The Purchase Of Property In Malaysia

“Kathleen, in response to the reader inquiry at the bottom of this recent e-letter, I’d like to add that non-resident foreigners may qualify for financing for up to 60% of the total purchase price for real estate in Malaysia. Those foreigners who have received residency in Malaysia under the Malaysia My Second Home Programme can receive financing for up to 80% of the purchase price in this country. Interest rates are currently less than 6%, making this a reasonable way to purchase property in Malaysia.”

–Wendy Justice, Asia Correspondent, Currently in Thailand


“Kathleen, as an ex-Special Forces Operator, I had my questions about the places you have chosen to recommend, but taking a step back I now see the possibilities. I now wait for your emails each day and have started planning!

“Thank you.”

–Ron G., United States


“Kathleen, your article on costs to live overseas is excellent. You are spot on regarding costs of commuting, insurance, and ‘misc’ expenses. I am in the travel business. Airfares are going to increase each year. And already the US$1,300 each you quote is conservative for air.”

–John W., United States

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