Finca De Dracula In Boquete, Panama

“Dear Team Live and Invest Overseas, next installment! Today it was the tour of the thoroughbred farm. Really cool and they even took a picture of me with a Clydesdale stallion. The farm has about 108 horses, with many internationally famous stallions, mostly thoroughbreds and some quarter horses and the one Bud horse.

“I spent a few hours on the ranch getting aquatinted with staff and horses and then I decided go to the orchid finca. It is called Finca de Dracula for the famous and rare orchid. Problem was my four-wheel-drive SUV was caught on a very large roca, or boulder. I decided to blow it off and walk the remaining short distance to the farm and deal with the disaster later.

“The place was incredible and the varieties of orchids astounding. I was awed by trails into deep jungle and all the water displays and the care to present the flowers in a natural setting. It was pure eye candy, and I was alone to savor it.

“However, eventually I had to return to my auto problem, and I found I was clearly on my own. I returned to the sight of the disaster and prayed. In time two schoolboys saw me putting stones under the vehicle, took pity, and went to call for help. About 15 minutes later a man and rosy-cheeked boy stopped and helped to pull me out. I would have paid a fortune, but it seemed they did not expect anything in return and appeared happy they could help. I still gave the schoolboys a few bucks and a kiss on the head and the man and boy in the truck all the U.S. currency I had on me.

“They also helped me get turned around and out on the main road. When I got back to the lodge it was a long, hot shower and three very strong adult beverages that restored my sanity. You can believe that God looks after the least of us, and Thanksgiving is whenever and wherever you are at the moment.

“Tomorrow it is the start of the return trip to Panama City. Who knows what this leg of the journey will bring…”

–Suzi B., attendee at this month’s Offshore Summit, now off on off-road Panama adventure


“Kathleen, I read you all the time. Great story on Thanksgiving. I just spent my first one alone abroad in Singapore.

“I’ve been to Panama and like a lot Lief’s development there! Will be back.”

–James H., Singapore

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