Finding An Attorney To Help With The Purchase Of Real Estate Overseas

“Kathleen, do you or would you in the future consider reviewing and helping someone that wishes to purchase property, by reviewing all information pertaining to the purchase, when they reside in another country? I would not wish to attempt a transaction without advice of someone trustworthy like yourself.

I have your new book, but I would like to have a conversation with someone.

“Thank you for all the info you share with all of us about other places and cultures throughout the world.”

–Ann N., United States

Your best ally and source of counsel when making a real estate purchase in another country is your local attorney. As I explain in my “How To Buy Real Estate Overseas” book, finding an attorney you trust and feel comfortable working with should be your first priority when moving into any new property market overseas.

How can you find an attorney you can trust? If you’re planning to purchase in any of the countries we report on regularly, send us an e-mail, and we’ll put you in touch with our attorney contact in that jurisdiction. If you’re shopping in a market where we don’t have experience or a local legal resource, the best way to try to find one is by asking other expats who’ve already invested in real estate in that market. You want an attorney who speaks English and who has experience helping other foreign buyers navigate the market.

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