Finding Real Estate In A Market Without A Multiple Listing Service


“Kathleen, thank you so much for this wonderful 52 Days program you have put together. Today is my final day. I’m a graduate!

“I am going to start in Ecuador in June. I like the mountains rather than the beach. I think. Your help was amazing.”

–Beth G., United States (for now)


“Kathleen, we are ready to start visiting countries in Central America to consider options for retirement. But where do we start our search for a home to buy?

“Can you supply us links to MLS systems for the countries you recommend so we can examine what specific properties are for sale in our price range?”

— Robert K., United States

I wish I could. However, in most of the rest of the world, no such thing exists.

How does that work? And how do you shop for a piece of real estate in a market without a Multiple Listing Service?

Lee Harrison, editor of our free Overseas Property Alert newsletter service, recently addressed those questions this week. Read his advice here.

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