Five Best Hospitals In Medellin, Colombia

“Kathleen, when will you speak in New York? Your online Calendar of Events is headlined by the content (Colombia, Belize, etc.) but not the location of the actual event. Curious if you might ever speak in New York City?

“People are so stressed out here, and everyone always asks, “What if I lived [insert dream destination here]. Nah, too complicated and expensive!’

“I believe that you would have an amazing turnout, and I would love to see you in NYC.”

–Kabi D., United States

I welcome any reason to spend a little time in the Big Apple. Let me see what I can organize…

“Kathleen, you have written recently that Medellin, Colombia, has five great hospitals. I would like to know if you have contact information for them and would send me that.”

–Ann F., United States

Indeed, Medellin is home to 5 of the top 35 hospitals in Latin America, as follows:

Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe
Hospital General
Hospital Universitario de San Vicente de Paul
Clinica Las Americas
Clinica Leon XIII

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