Five Best Places To Retire In Europe

“Kathleen, I would appreciate your opinion regarding the best places to retire in Europe. I lived in Germany for 5 years over 30 years ago and traveled extensively throughout Europe. Having had so many wonderful experiences I would love to retire there.

“Many thanks for hours of extremely interesting readings of retirement options.”

–Mike C., United States

My top recommendations for retirement in Europe would be France, Italy, Croatia, Spain, and Ireland… depending what kind of lifestyle you’re looking for.

France is the best place to live in the world (if you ask me) and can be more affordable than you might think, especially in the southwest. In Italy, I’d look at Abruzzo. Spain (see above) and Ireland are in all-out crisis, though the situation on the ground seems more dire in Spain. Crisis breeds opportunity, if not for real estate investment (again, see above), then for more affordable retirement options than these two countries have offered in a decade or more. Croatia is the best of Tuscany at half the price.

We’ll be showcasing all five of these, our top five Euro-picks, at our Retire Overseas Conference taking place in San Antonio, Texas, Sept. 4-6. We aren’t ready yet to accept registrations for this, our only U.S. event of the year. This is also the only event on our calendar this year that will consider the whole world, from the Americas to Europe to Asia.

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