Five Places To Own In Europe For Less Than US$100,000

“Dear Kathleen Peddicord, in the latest article from you at you name five European locations that should be considered based on current property offerings and prices. Is there anywhere in particular that one should be looking to see these specifically referenced listings?”

–Jay J., United States

Here you go…here are links to each of the specific listings I reference in that article:

Euro Bargain #1: In the medieval town of Penne (think pasta) in Abruzzo, Italy.

Euro Bargain #2: In the French town of Estagel, 30 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea outside Perpignan.

Euro Bargain #3: In the town of Youghal, on the border between Country Cork and Country Waterford, Ireland.

Euro Bargain #4: In the coastal town of Santa Maria in Lagos, Portugal.

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