Flexibility Is Key For Any Move Overseas

“Kathleen, my wife and I will not be relocating from the United States, but I do look very much look forward to your e-mails each day and to your descriptions of your lives and your travels. It’s almost like traveling there for me!

“A big reason I couldn’t do it is that I realized that I lack what seems to be the primary trait needed–flexibility. You folks had multiple moves in Panama City in one year!

“Please keep up the reporting, though!”

–Steve G., United States


“Kathleen, thanks for the candid perspective on your own search for ‘your spot’ in Panama. Given you and Lief have been expats for some time and are more knowledgeable about overseas real estate than most of us can ever remotely hope to be, your description is more telling than most of your posts and very appreciated.”

–Ellen P., United States

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