Forex Investing In Emerging Markets…

“I spent a summer in Mexico, at a graduate school program in Guadalajara, and was afforded many travel opportunities, including to see San Cristobal De Las Casas. This is a very intelligent location in Mexico. The entire system works here. I am commending you for identifying such a smart location to recommend to your readers. Please keep it up. This location seems to offer something very special.”

— Robert F.C., United States


“Kathleen, would you kindly explain your general statement about not putting money in a forex investment? What is wrong with investing in the forex market? Have you any facts to support your warning against such an investment?”

— Dr. R.N., United States

Yes, forex investing can make for a good addition to your portfolio. However, in emerging markets, such as Panama and Costa Rica, you’ve got to choose your forex investments carefully. In this part of the world, you’ll come across opportunities that sound too good to be true, guaranteeing high monthly returns without any plausible explanation for where the money comes from to meet them or how they can be sustained. We’ve written to caution against these kinds of “investments” in the past, as has one of your fellow readers, who had this to say:

“Kathleen, as to your reader’s question about Forex Macro… I am heavily involved in this arena. These groups all look real, and many use incorporation papers with registered office addresses. Some do actually believe they can produce the profits they promise, but most are phony. They get US$50 from a lot of people up to thousands from several people. In the beginning, you can achieve a payout in most cases. However, the payouts do not usually last long, and many are gone within two months, the company’s incorporation papers notwithstanding. Some of the papers are real, and some are phony, as well.

“If you can afford to take a high risk and the program is new, you might be able to achieve a profit. And there are a few that really do what they say. Those are 1 out of every 1,000 or so. Warn your reader to use his ‘lottery money’ only for this kind of an ‘investment.'”

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