Forex Investment In Panama…Too Good To Be True?

“Kathleen, I have been reading all of your articles with interest. I am particularly interested in doing business with a company in Panama. I’m sure you know it, but I do not.

“Could you please tell me if “Forex Macro” is a real company or just a phantom of the Internet?”

— Dolf Y., United States

In fact, dear reader, I don’t know this group. Neither does anyone I’ve asked locally (including Panama attorneys we work with).

The company seems real enough. They provide their incorporation data on their website, so you could have your Panama attorney confirm that the corporation exists.

However, the investment proposal the group presents sounds too good to be true.

We’ve come across these kinds of claims before in this part of the world. High guaranteed monthly returns without any plausible explanation for where the money comes from to meet them or how they can be sustained.

The minimum investment in this case is US$50. I’m half-tempted to invest myself so I can report back.

As a serious investment, though, I have trouble taking an offer like this seriously.

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