Franchises In Latin America

“Kathleen, Daniel K. just doesn’t seem to get it. I bet he is one who voted for the hope and change we are getting short-changed on now. I want badly to get out of Dodge before the s— hits the fan. Opportunity is fast leaving us behind, and with the way things are going, I sincerely believe that my chances of survival will be greater elsewhere.

“True, America has been a blessed nation, but she is leaving her roots. I know that life is hard in many places and there are problems everywhere, but I also believe few of us are prepared for what is coming. Daniel seems to be living in the past. It is opportunity and the reality that governments cause more problems than they solve that he doesn’t seem willing to accept.”

–Mark M., United States


“Kathleen, do you have any ideas for franchises you think would go over well in Latin America?”

–Jeffrey R., United States

I don’t want to give away the name of the franchise we’re pursuing with our daughter just yet…until the paperwork is finalized. Then I’ll let you know more about that opportunity, which could be applied to many markets beyond Panama (where our daughter is planning to launch).

Another good idea could be Mailboxes Etc. We know the master franchisee for Central America in this case and could put you in touch if you’re interested. This is a great expat-targeted service.

Many of the fast food chains do well, but the older, more established ones are already taken in most countries (McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, etc.). Some of the newer ones from the United States might work, too, though it’d be hard to manage this kind of business unless you speak fluent Spanish. That’s one reason we like the franchise our daughter is pursuing and Mailboxes Etc. Neither requires a lot of local staff, so they’re presumably easier to manage if you don’t speak Spanish.

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