French Expat Community And Culture In Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

“Kathleen, your articles about Las Terrenas have hit a cord with me. I’ve been to the DR, actually many years ago, but had no idea about this little town where people speak French and there’s French culture as well. As I have sworn off France, my dreams of perfecting my French and speaking the language I love so much have been put on the back burner. I’m thinking Las Terrenas might fit the bill for a little while and it’s in the Caribbean. What a combination!

“The issue I have is that I’ve been searching for short-term apartment rentals online, and they seem to be much higher than my budget would allow for. Do you have a resource in town for non-tourist rates for rentals?

“By the way, what’s the deal with high-speed Internet access? Is it available and reliable in Las Terrenas?

“Last question, where will your DR event be held?

“Thanks for all the great information you do offer.”

–Frances G., United States

You should be able to find a rental in Las Terrenas for as little as US$400 per month. Get in touch here for more information.

The Internet in Las Terrenas works fine. You can get a mobile Internet gadget that gives you your own Internet connection wherever you are. We were online every day, as we always are, without any problem.

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