French Leaseback Investment Properties

“Kathleen, some years ago, Lief reported wrote about French leaseback properties. I would appreciate knowing the details. Is it still being recommended as an investment opportunity in 2012?”

–John H., United States

French leaseback properties are like all condo-hotel investments…everything depends on the management company. Most leaseback properties in France do well, at least as well as projected. The important thing to understand is that these are low-risk, low-return plays. Yields are in the range of 3% to 6%.

I’d recommend buying a resale leaseback rather than something off-plan. A resale has a track record, and you begin to receive rental payments immediately rather than having to wait for construction to be completed.


“Kathleen, what is the Adriatic country you like? I think you have purchased real estate there? What is the city where you bought?”

–James D., United States

Croatia. Yes, we bought in Istria about seven years ago, an old stone farmhouse on a mountainside near the town of Motovun.

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