Fruit And Vegetable Markets In Asia

“Kathleen, any recommendations for where one could retire overseas in a nice climate with an area where land is relatively inexpensive and would have pastures? My dream is to have a small horse ranch.”

–Ashburn S., United States

Parts of Panama in the mountains and Ecuador. Maybe Ireland at this point (now that property prices have fallen so dramatically in that country).


“Kathleen, I was hoping to find out if countries in Southeast Asia that make sense for retirees have apples, carrots, and green or romaine lettuce? I know it’s probably a silly question, but I’m a juicer and juice those items daily for my health. I would appreciate if you could find out for me.”

–Mark W., United States

As our Asian Correspondent Wendy Justice reported recently:

“In the markets in this part of the world, you’ll discover locally grown vegetables, such as bok choy and kai lan, and delicious fruits including dragon fruits and mangoes. When you compare prices with imported produce, such as apples or iceberg lettuce, you’ll likely develop a taste for these inexpensive alternatives. Of course, there are also plenty of supermarkets and mom-and-pop stores where you can shop…”

In other words, the items you’re interested in would be available, but they’d be imported…meaning more costly than locally grown fruits and vegetables.

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