Funding Retirement With Cash Flow From Rental Property Investments

“My question is for Lief.

“As I am reaching 50 years old and do not see how I can retire in California and probably in the United States, I am thinking about using some of my 401k to invest in two or three rental properties. I am considering some of the condos along the path of progress around Tulum as per Live and Invest Overseas’ recommendation but also am interested in investing in Nicaragua and Ecuador.

“I was wondering if you have any advice regarding the fact on having properties in different countries or if it is easier to focus on one country for all?”

–Valerie B., United States

Lief Simon replies:

Investing all your money in real estate in a single country reduces the level of diversification you enjoy as a result. On the other hand, it can make it easier and more efficient to manage your investment properties.

As you’re hoping to use cash flow from your investment properties as part of your retirement income, I’d focus on proven rental markets. My top recommendations for this in the Americas would be Panama City, Medellin, and Puerto Vallarta.

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