Gay Lifestyles In Latin America

“Kathleen, we are a male couple looking in Central or South America to get away for at least a few years, if not permanently. We require good health care and a reasonable cost of living.

“We’ve been to Ecuador but it’s probably not the right place for us. We’re planning on visiting Panama in June or July, and Colombia and Uruguay are on the list to visit, as well.

“My question is mostly about cultures. As a male couple we have some trepidation about finding a great spot and then finding out we aren’t exactly welcome. In your experience, which of the countries I’ve listed might be most welcoming for us? I imagine you don’t run in our circles, but your vast experience is immensely valuable. Really it’s more about the culture of acceptance in these places, rather than government policies.”

–David H., United States

Culturally, Latinos are macho and Catholic. That means that, on the surface, at least, the culture frowns on gay lifestyles. However, beneath the surface, I think you’ll find Panama, Uruguay, and Colombia tolerant, if not openly accepting. You’ll definitely find people who do run in your circles and who would welcome you.

Uruguay could be the most openly accepting country in Latin America on this score. It has a gay marriage law on the books.

I hope that helps.

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