Genetically Modified Food In The United States And Overseas

“Kathleen, one more thing about food that might be interesting to your readers as a reason to live elsewhere is that 66% of the food in the United States is now genetically modified. The next closest country is Brazil with 16%. The rest of the world is 1% or 2% or lower.”

–Alan H., United States


“Kathleen, I attended the Panama City conference last week. Do you have a timeline for a release of the recordings from the conference? My husband, who could not come, is anxiously awaiting the info.

“Loved hearing most of the resources; made several new friends with similar interests, which is always great; loved that everything was run on time! The latter almost never happens at similar events, and I appreciated Lief’s on-time style.”

–Janet A., United States

We are in the process of editing the recordings from last week’s Live and Invest in Panama Conference. We expect that they’ll be ready for delivery to attendees of the event and, as well, to everyone who has purchased pre-release by the end of next week.

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