Getting Started In A Small Business In Uruguay

“Kathleen, I am considering moving to Uruguay from the United States. Currently I am self-employed as a window cleaner and have been for 29 years. I am college-educated and have a wife and four children at home. We are seeking a simple life and have a small farm here and would like to have one there.

“What areas are best suited for making money in the service sector, while having a small farm on the outskirts? How would you recommend I pursue making this happen in 2014?”

–Timothy L., United States

Latin American Correspondent Lee Harrison replies:

I think the small farm would be the easiest part of your quest in Uruguay. The agricultural sector in this country is strong and making a living off the land is a popular idea right now among expats.

I’d say it would be almost impossible to get a wage-earning job in Uruguay. You could do it as a resident, but the competition would be tough for jobs.

As an entrepreneur, however, especially given your experience at running your own business in the United States, your chances for success would be good. And if you wanted to set up your own business, you’d find Uruguay to be a business-friendly country.

I’d suggest planning an extended visit to Uruguay, to do some studying to learn what they need and how to market it.

If you decide you want to set up a Uruguayan company, I’d recommend you contact attorney Juan Fischer. He’s helped many expats get started in this country.

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