Gold Investment & Retiring In New Zealand

“Kathleen, I have to write to tell you how much I enjoy reading your articles. Although I am not an American citizen, many of them are of interest and use to me as I have been an expat from the UK since 1962. Also, many years ago I was reading your previous publication, and there was a very interesting article about investing in gold, which my husband and I decided to do. At that time gold was around US$200/US$300 per ounce, so you can see that was advice well-taken!

“So thank you for your advice, and I look forward to reading your Live and Invest Overseas for some time to come.”

–Gail G., United Kingdom


“I have yet to see anything in your columns about Australia and New Zealand. I spent time in both countries in the 80’s, New Zealand is the most beautiful country that I have ever been in. What is your opinion on retiring in New Zealand?”

— Matt S., United States

Lief Simon replies: “New Zealand is indeed great. Unfortunately, along with Australia, New Zealand doesn’t make it easy for retirees to get residency. They don’t want older people moving there unless they invest a large sum (US$1 million last time I checked).

“Because of these restrictions and hurdles to full-time residency, part-time living makes more sense in both these places. You could live here during their summer, then return to the Northern Hemisphere during their winter, for instance.

“Options in New Zealand range from Auckland for city life to Christchurch for mid-sized town life to Queenstown for high-end expat life…and everything in between. Cost of living could be cheaper than in the U.S., depending where you’re coming from in the States. But neither New Zealand nor Australia is an extraordinary bargain.

“Tasmania could be an interesting option. It’s beautiful, peaceful, and safe and is increasingly popular as a retirement destination among Australians.”

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