Gringo Pricing And Bribery In Ecuador

“Kathleen, I was shocked to read the Mailbag letter from Monica M. who felt extorted living in Quito. I am a white 72-year-old American living in Quito for four years and do not speak Spanish. I own two homes, one in Quito and another on the coast, plus a car. Not once have I been asked for a bribe. Yes, I have been quoted at times ridiculous prices, but so have my Ecuadorian friends and neighbors. You just say no thanks and move on. As you said, it’s not personal.

“I receive all of the senior citizen benefits and discounts afforded an Ecuadorian and have never felt less than welcome. This beautiful country affords me a standard of living that I could not have in the United States. I find the medical care in Ecuador superior to the United States. Here the doctor doesn’t have to look at a chart to check your name before greeting you.

“People in the United States will ask me how I can live in a country where I don’t speak the language. I tell them that every day is an adventure, and I am never bored. As they say, happiness is a choice.”

–Terry G., Ecuador

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