Growing Navarre de Navarrenx Tobacco In Bearn, France

“Kathleen, I wonder if you can help us to find the owner or owners of farmland in Bearn, France, where cigar tobaccos are being grown today. We are interested to purchase some tobacco farmland in this part of the world.”

–Stewart H., United States

Euro-Correspondent Lucy Culpepper replies:

Indeed, tobacco is being grown again southwest France to make the cigar known as the “Navarre de Navarrenx.” The real estate agent I would recommend for help finding a tobacco farm for sale in this region is Tony Burt, a bilingual French-/English-speaking Australian. His agency is Agir International, e-mail:; tel. 33(0)5-59-27-00-63. The agency website is here. Click on the Great Britain flag.

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