Retirement To Santa Clara, Panama

“Greetings, Kathleen and everyone at Live and Invest Overseas.

“Eleven months ago, I was sitting in the Sheraton conference room listening to all your speakers confirming Panama as the place for my future and providing info for how to make it happen. Today I have been living in Panama for a month. I have my casita rented in Santa Clara, got my residency visa papers filed, am working on opening a bank account, and am progressing at a leisurely pace with my new life.

“I am adapting to the culture and lifestyle here. I left the expectations of how things are done back in the United States. People are very helpful, even with my less than adequate Spanish. I am communicating and learning more Spanish every day. As soon as I get a car to regain my independence, it will begin to feel like home. Living this far out in the country, you do not just call a taxi!

“I am sure our paths will cross again, so I can extend a proper thanks for all that your e-mails, your staff, and your company has done to help me live my dream.

“The wheelchair may slow me down, but nothing will stop me. In fact I believe that, before I die in the next 30 or 40 years, I will see Panama become an accessible society for all people with disabilities.”

–Tony B., Panama

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