Health And Sanitation In Ecuador And Elsewhere In Latin America

“Kathleen, my daughter and her husband recently visited Ecuador, and they really liked it there. However, from what she reported to me, I don’t think I would. For one thing, Ecuador has no dog leash laws. Also, she observed that in the open-air market flies would land on the meats, and the butcher even dropped meat on the ground, then picked it up and put it back on the table. Maybe I am too choosy, but I prefer fly-free, dirt-free meat, and all dogs kept on leashes. Your reports don’t cover the sanitation issues.”

–Claraetta O., United States

The scenes you describe are common, yes, in Ecuador and across Latin America and Asia, too. You’re right to recognize that these things are deal-breakers for you. It all comes down to personal priorities and preferences, and you should be honest with yourself, as you are being, about what you want in your new life in a new country… and what you couldn’t tolerate.

That said, while what your daughter described is true for Ecuador and elsewhere, you usually have alternatives. You can choose to shop where the locals shop… or you can choose the U.S.-style grocery stores that you’ll find in many of the places we report on.

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