Health Care And Safety For Retirees

“Kathleen, just read your article on Cuenca, Ecuador, on the home page of Yahoo and am wondering how I can learn more about this particular city. I’m guessing the crime rate is low, and you mention the health care being good. Does that mean advanced health care or just cleaner knives? Language-wise, would an English-speaking person be able to get by there?”

–Dave Z., United States

All of these questions and most any other you could think of are addressed in the current issue of my Overseas Retirement Letter, which is focused entirely on retirement in Cuenca and which was written by Latin America Correspondent Lee Harrison, himself a former expat resident of the city.

Specifically, violent crime rates in Cuenca are very low. There is petty crime, as in any city of any size. Use common sense, and you should be fine. Health care is of a high standard. You could probably get by speaking only English, but you’d have a much richer experience if you learned to communicate at least a little in Spanish.

Again, much more detail in this month’s complete Cuenca retirement report, available as part of my Overseas Retirement Letter subscription service. Details here.