Health Care In Waterford, Ireland

This just in from Euro-Correspondent Lynn Mulvihill, who writes with exciting news from Waterford, Ireland:

“Just wanted to let you all know the good news. Little Archie was born last Thursday afternoon, at home as planned, weighing 7 pounds 10 ounces. Archie and I are both doing very well…

“Speaking of health care, though, there’s a proposal to move major services (including coronary care, cancer care, and orthopedic care) from Waterford and integrating with Cork, effectively downgrading Waterford Regional Hospital to a county hospital. Similarly, health services in Kilkenny, Wexford, and Tipperary could be stripped so that patients would have to go to Cork or Dublin. Some 15,000 people (ourselves included) took part in a peaceful protest march through the city two weeks ago in an attempt to save the hospital. Next plan of action is a candlelight vigil around the perimeter of WRH on Dec. 8. They’re hoping to get big numbers out again for that.

“Another proposal driving Waterfordians crazy is one that would remove the city council, leaving administration to the county council, which would mean Waterford loses its city status. Another group is campaigning against this right now.

“And Aer Arann is pulling out of Waterford Airport from Jan 6, 2013.

“Tough times. We’ll see what the next budget brings…

“Luckily I have a lovely newborn in one arm here, so life is good.”

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