Health Insurance In Ecuador

“Kathleen, in your well-traveled opinion, where could I get affordable private health insurance to allow me to reside in Ecuador? I will soon be 80 years old. I haven’t seen you write on the subject of heath insurance for the elderly (that is, anyone 80 years old or older).

“I have received a quote of about US$13 per day for only US$10,000 of travel insurance. But this is not what I want.

“I read that Ecuador has lately granted universal government-paid-for health care. Does this apply to retirees applying for a resident visa in the country?”
— Alain S., United States

Our Editorial Assistant Roxana Lupu, who is right now carrying out the research for the new edition we’re publishing of our “Top Health Insurance Options For The Retiree Abroad,” replies:

“You wouldn’t want to rely on the government health insurance. I think you’d find that it offers deficient service. The better choice is private clinics or prepaid medical centers. In terms of costs, I can suggest two options:

“First, Salud S.A., which would cover a person of 80 years of age for US$183/month (according to the quote I generated on their website). This would be coverage through their Elite Plan (annual maximum coverage of US$84,700; 80% coverage for medical visits and lab work; 60% coverage for medicines; 100% coverage for hospitalization).

“Second, you could consider Cruz Blanca (White Cross), which would cover a person of 80 years of age for US$94/month. “These quotes are provided only as reference, of course. You should inquire with an agent in each case to receive a personalized quote. Your costs could vary depending on pre-existing conditions, for example.”

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