Health Insurance In Panama

“Kathleen, I talked with an insurance broker in Panama City today, and he told me that my only option at age 62 for health insurance in Panama would be an international policy from Bupa. The cost would be US$7,800 per year for me and my wife with a US$20,000 deductible and probably some exclusions because of my high blood pressure!

“This does not square with information I’ve read from you in the past. I hope there are alternatives?”

–John R., United States

Health insurance is a very personal thing, and premium costs can vary dramatically, depending on age, coverage, and pre-existing conditions. That said, the quote you have for Bupa coverage sounds very high to me. I’d question it to be sure I was understanding what was being quoted.

The good news is that, yes, you have options. At age 62, you have many local health coverage options in Panama. Medisalud insures anybody, no matter the age. Ancon insures until the age of 64 (in our special report, “Top Health Insurance Options For The Retiree Abroad,” we outline Ancon’s Panama Plus and the Global plans), and the Blue Cross/Blue Shield franchise insures until 63 (through their Medired Elite plan).

Monthly costs for a policy from one of these local Panama insurers are much more reasonable: US$118 for Medisalud, US$161.45 for Panama Plus, US$145.05 for Global, and US$167 for Medired Elite.


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