Health Insurance In Thailand For Less Than US$15 Per Month

Health Insurance In Thailand For Less Than US$15 Per Month

“I got a quote today from a Thai medical insurance company that I’m going to include in the new country-specific health coverage report I’m researching,” writes Editorial Assistant Rebecca Tyre. “This is the cheapest health insurance I’ve found anywhere in the world. The basic plan covers in- and outpatient care, including ICU. Plus, if you’re younger than 60, you aren’t required to take a medical exam to qualify for a policy. They take your word for no pre-existing conditions.

“You pay your medical costs out-of-pocket, and then the insurance agency reimburses you within seven working days. An annual premium for someone in good health aged 51 to 55 is 6,086 baht. At the current rate of exchange, that’s US$179. Per year! That works out to about US$15 per month.

“I’m nearly finished with my research. The new report, which covers insurance options, details, and costs for 18 countries, will go into production next week.”

If you’ve purchased our Top Health Insurance Options For The Retiree Abroad, we intend to send this second, complementary international health report to you with our compliments. You need do nothing further. A copy will arrive in your e-mailbox hot off the virtual presses.

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