Health Insurance Overseas

“I am curious to know if the living expense quotes I see in your newsletters include health insurance. My wife has ordered your “Top Health Insurance Options” reports, and we are anxious to see the health costs details.

“We own property in Antigua, Guatemala, so we will not have any mortgage to pay. Your quote of a about US$600/month for living in this city sounds great. Any idea what it would be with a good health plan?”

— Barry F., United States

As Guatemala Correspondent Michael Paladin has reported, indeed, you could live well and comfortably in Antigua on as little as US$600 a month, assuming you own your own home and are not paying rent or a mortgage, as you suggest, dear reader.

This budget does not include the cost of health insurance. Michael reports that many expats living in Antigua don’t carry it. The cost of medical care is so affordable that many here opt to pay doctor’s bills, etc., out of pocket.

However, if the thought of going naked, as it were, makes you nervous, you have a number of options for international health care, all detailed in our “Top Health Insurance Options For The Retiree Abroad” kit. The cost depends largely on your age. It is possible to arrange coverage for as little as US$100 or US$150 a month if you’re younger than 50, have no pre-existing conditions, and are ok with a relatively high deductible.

I speak from experience. Lief and I have high-deductible coverage through BUPA that costs less than US$100 a month apiece. Premium costs increase with age.

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