Help For Expats Living In Paris

“Kathleen, my desire is to live and perhaps work overseas on a limited basis. I am not a hot weather lover, and my preference would be Europe. Specifically, Paris, France, would be my choice because the city has the same vibe as my home town of New York City. Can you please provide me with some updated information on living in Paris? Thank you very much.”

–Ruby G., United States

We agree. If your budget can afford it, Paris is always a top choice. We’re planning a special issue of our Overseas Retirement Letter focused on retirement and expat life in Paris later this year.

Meantime, a great resource for information on living in the City of Light is AngloINFO’s Paris site, which is here:


“Hey, Kathleen and everyone at Live and Invest Overseas! I thought you might like to see the fun we’ve been having out here in Cayo since your event in Belize last week. This gentleman and his friend were the attendees at the conference who won the Private Tour we arranged. They’re having a great time enjoying the fresh Iguana that a friend’s dad out here made for them!

Here are some photos!”

–Macarena Rose, Belize Circle Member Liaison

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