Help Meeting Expats And Making Friends In Boquete, Panama

Help Meeting Expats And Making Friends In Boquete, Panama

“I live in Costa Rica and will be traveling to David and Boquete, Panama, in September. Are there any places there where I could meet and talk to some gringos and get information on the cost of living, etc.?

— Jack M., Costa Rica

Editorial Assistant Rebecca Tyre, four years resident in Panama (and Editor of our about-to-be-launched At Home In Panama monthly e-zine), replies:

“The small town of Boquete in Panama’s interior highlands is home to more expats than anywhere else in the entire country. You won’t have trouble finding one. You’ll be hard pressed not to run in to some as you walk down the street!

“The best hangout for expats and tourists in Boquete is Punto de Encuentra, or Meeting Point. This restaurant, owned by a woman named Olga, is known for serving the best breakfasts in town. Every morning the place is filled with expats, backpackers, and tourists looking for information or just a friendly face and a little English-language conversation.

“This is your best starting point. As soon as you arrive in Boquete, head to Olga’s place. You’ll find her on a side street east of Avenida Principal, next to the ATV store.”


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