Help Retiring To Glengarriff, Ireland

“Kathleen, I am going to Ireland for exploration and maybe to find a place to call my own. Would it be possible for you to either forward my email address to Grant and Sheila Strong, who have written for you on their move to Ireland, or give me their email?

“I am going to Glengarriff to see a house for sale and want to stay several days to see what it is like. Family history there, also.

“It would be really nice to correspond with the Strongs a bit before I leave next month, since I am also a Southerner from just north of New Orleans and have spent much time in North Carolina, where they’re from, also.

“Thanks so much! Love all that you and Lief publish. I’ve had questions in the past for Lief re: French Leaseback program, which he has answered most helpfully. Ya’ll surely do know tons of fantastic, helpful info.”

–Anne F., United States

No problem. We’ll ask Sheila to get in touch with you.

Éirinn go brách!

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