Heritage Foundation Economic Freedom Index

“Kathleen, I have seen a lot of recommendations from you folks for the countries of Uruguay, Panama, and Belize. The Heritage Foundation publishes an economic freedom index in which these three countries are ranked 29, 55, and 77, respectively. The United States is ranked 10 and seems to be sinking fast under current government.

“If I were to move out of the United States and possibly change citizenship, it would have to be to a country with more economic freedom than available in the United States, not less. I suppose some of your readers would make a move like that for climate, food, and low cost of living, but for running a business or protecting assets it probably does not make very good sense.”

–David S., United States

I wouldn’t base a decision to move anywhere or do anything on a single index or a single indicator.

Ireland is ranked higher in the index than the United States, but I wouldn’t start another business in that country right now. Irish citizenship, on the other hand, is a great option for many reasons that have nothing to do with “economic freedom.”

Many options, many choices, best made for personal reasons, not on the basis of institutional reviews.

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