Home Construction At Mango Village, Los Islotes, Azuero, Panama

“Kathleen, I enjoyed last weeks’ Offshore Seminar in Panama City very much. I learned a lot and am in contact with several of the presenters with whom I was very impressed. From my perspective it was a smashing success.

“Please extend a special thanks to Conference Director Lauren for her help me with my phone calls back home and her suggestions regarding getting a local temporary phone. It made all the difference in my stay…”

–Larry R., United States


“Kathleen…we have interest in Los Islotes. Possibly to build a house in Mango Village simultaneously with your effort. I have been recently introduced to a building product that replaces cinder blocks and is more resistant to hurricanes and earthquakes. It consists of a highly aerated sand and concrete mix, and the product can be made in a portable unit on site. It also can be formed into roof tiles and other construction components. Fairly high-tech, but it only works in countries that have inexpensive labor.

–Bohn D., Panama Circle Member, United States

Regarding Los Islotes, Lief and I would be happy to have you as a neighbor. Another friend, who visited during last week’s conference, is also interested in building while I build. If we had three houses going at the same time, we’d enjoy some economies of scale.

Note that we don’t get hurricanes in Panama, and the earthquakes are minor. Still, if you have information on the product you’re talking about, I can forward it to the Los Islotes project manager. Is unskilled labor at about US$15 a day cheap enough to make it worthwhile?

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