Homeowners Insurance In Ecuador

“Kathleen, I’m wondering about the availability (or otherwise) of house/homeowner’s insurance in Ecuador. I’ve sent enquiries to insurers who deal in Ecuador and have received no response.

“This is quite frustrating. Is homeowners insurance generally available in Ecuador or not? If you guys don’t know/can’t answer, can you please direct me to someone knowledgeable who can?

“Thanks in advance.”

–Michael S., United States

Yes, homeowners insurance is available in Ecuador.

We’re not sure why you’re having trouble. We know several people who’ve purchased homeowner policies in Ecuador simply by walking into an agent’s office and asking for it.

It should be noted, though, that homeowners insurance isn’t a common investment in Ecuador. It’s expensive by Ecuadorian standards, almost as much as you’d pay in the United States. Further, houses are masonry, so fires are almost unheard-of. To deter theft, people invest in alarm systems rather than insurance.

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