Hooked On Uruguay? Here Are Some Resources…

“I’ve been reading your newsletters for some time now, and I am hooked on Uruguay. Do you have a contact person there I could speak with? My husband and I live in Chicago and have visited the Uruguayan embassy but didn’t get much help from anyone there. Any information you could give me would be great.”

— Martina O., United States

Start here, at the Uruguay Country page on our website: Uruguay

Then go here, to the Uruguay Budget page on our site: Cost of Living

Our preferred contact in this country, the most knowledgeable Uruguay resource we’ve found, is attorney Juan Fischer, who can answer all your questions related to residency, visas, purchasing real estate, taxes, banking, etc. Reach him here.

Read past issues featuring Juan’s recommendations and advice here:

One of our chief editors, Christian MacDonald, has filed a comprehensive report on the attractions and appeals of retirement living (on as little as US$1,038 a month) in La Barra, Uruguay. Indeed, La Barra is our top choice right now for a sophisticated seaside retirement. This report is available to Overseas Retirement Letter subscribers. A one-year subscription is available right now for US$36.

Editor-in-chief of the Overseas Retirement Letter Lynn Mulvihill promises more Uruguay coverage in coming months. “Uruguay is one of the world’s top choices right now,” Lynn explains. “We’ll be giving it more virtual ink.”

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