Hospitals And Medical Care In Colombia

“Peddicord, I am aware that you recently sent out an e-mail that included the following:

“‘The retiree or expat: Medellín enjoys one of the world’s best climates, is home to five of the top hospitals in all Latin America, offers a great selection of restaurants and cafés, and boasts an exciting cultural scene, with theater, orchestra, and events all year… all at a reasonable cost you’ll have to experience to believe…’

“But Medellín actually has 8 of the top 43 hospitals in Latin America, not 5. See here: 22 hospitales colombianos entre los mejores de América Latina.”

–Jeff P., Colombia

Indeed, you’re right. Colombia has more than half of the top 43 in Latin America. Thanks for setting us straight.


“Kathleen, not sure if you saw, but Colombia discovered a big shipwreck they’re calling the Holy Grail of shipwrecks. Here’s how it’s being described:

“‘The gold inside the sunken galleon San Jose, found off the Caribbean coast of Colombia last week, is worth between a staggering US$4B and US$17B but is disputed by a U.S. investor group that claims half of the treasure.

“‘President Juan Manuel Santos tweeted late Friday night that divers had found the ship and its massive treasure 307 years after a British war ship sank the vessel just off the coast of Cartagena…’

“It’s like something out of a movie script!”

–Ray Y., United States

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