Hotels In Medellin, Colombia

“Kathleen, reading your recent comment about health coverage made me think of something for your Mailbag.

“I have been living in Thailand for 10 years. I got artificial knees before coming. Last year I started having trouble with a hip. I thought I probably needed it replaced. I went to the best hospital in the Kingdom, where they recommended exactly that. I went to another hospital to compare prices. It was about US$12,000 at the best hospital and US$10,000 at the other. Not bad I suppose, but still a lot for me.

“I decided to buy health insurance with Bupa. Here’s the point of this story. The first thing BUPA asked for was five signed medical releases. They sent them to hospitals in Bangkok, inquiring about me. They found at least one where I had been about my hip. They then denied coverage because of a preexisting condition. Moral of the story: Get the coverage first.”

–Gary L., Thailand


“Kathleen, I am planning my first trip to Medellin. What hotel did you reference in your recent write-up? Was it the Park 10? Look forward to seeing the city…and to meeting you if you are in town.”

–Joe S., United States

I was speaking most recently of the InterContinental, which is a nice, big hotel with a nice pool. The downside to the InterContinental is that it is a little farther outside the center of town than other hotels where we’ve stayed. We chose it for this trip, because we had our young son with us and wanted the pool for him. However, staying at the InterContinental means paying for taxis back and forth to town all day, as it’s too far to walk.

Closer to the center of things (and my personal favorite hotel in Medellin) is the Park 10. This is the hotel that I would recommend first to anyone. The trouble with the Park 10 is that they are often full, so, unless you’re able to make your reservations far in advance, you (we) are often not able to get a room.

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