How And Why To Go Offshore

“Kathleen, I have been reading about these ideas for some time. What you are sending me…nice…great style…but it’s all been done before. I’m looking for offshore investment advice outside the mainstream. Most likely this e-mail will just kick back to me. But perhaps you have something more to offer?”

–William M., United States

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More focused and containing more specific recommendations and more in-depth and harder-edged reporting are the Simon Letter and Marketwatch. These are both paid membership services.


“Kathleen, as a subscriber, one thing always puzzles me. When you have these overseas conferences, you are always telling us how cheap it is to live in some of these countries and yet the hotel room you are arranging sometimes is like US$130 a night or more. I would think that if things are so cheap it would be like where I stayed last year in Laughlin, Nevada, in a 5-star hotel for US$11 a night.

“How do you explain this?”

–Ron S., United States

Eleven dollars a night for a 5-star hotel? I can’t explain that…except to say that, though I’ve never been there personally, I’ve heard stories about Laughlin.

Many of the places we write about and where we hold conferences are “cheap.” Still, even in places where it’s possible to live a comfortable lifestyle on a reasonable or modest budget, hotels with conference facilities to support an event with 100+ attendees and 40+ speakers and exhibitors, aren’t typically found in the super-budget neighborhoods but the more central business-friendly ones.

Of course, attendees aren’t required to stay at the hotel where the event is being held. Lower-cost options are usually available nearby…and our conference team is always happy to help an attendee book alternative accommodation.

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