How Do I Go About Retiring To Ireland?

“I’m interested in retiring in Ireland, however it’s my great-grandparents who were born there.

“It’s my understanding that you have to show that you have 50,000 euros per year disposable income in order to retire there. Is this accurate? Also, I’m a personal chef and caterer but do not have enough savings to open a business. I have a previous employer who is now living there and would like to rehire me if I go to Ireland. Would I be able to do this? This is not a company, but individuals for whom I cook and cater parties.

“I would really like to get some information. I do so want to finish my time out in the land of my heritage.”

Kathleen K.D., United States

Ireland Correspondent Lynn Mulvihill responds:

Yes, unfortunately, Kathleen, your great-grandparents don’t qualify you for an Irish passport (it’s parents or grandparents only).

I’m not aware of the 50,000 euros annual income requirement you mention and can’t find a reference to support it. But an immigration lawyer will be able to advise you based on your personal circumstances. We recommend the offices of William Fry in Dublin, email:; website:

Despite the unemployment rate of 11.6%, I often see catering jobs advertised. So, if it doesn’t work out with your previous employer here, you should be able to apply your skills elsewhere. Best of luck with the process!

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