How Kathleen and Lief Created Live and Invest Overseas

“Wow, Kathleen! I love the two chapters of your new book. How exciting! I cannot wait to read more. Will this be a book that will be for sale? If so, I will be on the pre-order for new releases list. Guessing it will be a bestseller!

“I had no idea all that was happening to you, Kathleen! You were very good at not letting us all know all that was going on behind the scenes. Lief sure did step up to the plate and was your Knight in Shining Armor!

“I’ve been a fan for many, many years and am so happy to know a little bit more about your personal life. Your writing style always makes me feel like I am your friend and that I know you.

“When you disappeared from International Living years ago, I was crushed. Took a little while to discover you had started up your own company…thanks to Yahoo!

“Take care. I looking forward to more of your story. So cool!”

–Floss C., United States


“Kathleen, your story of your early time in Ireland brought back some old memories. I had a small assembly operation there, in Sligo, that employed mostly local women. The plant manager was showing me around the area when I innocently asked if they had any trouble with the IRA. She looked at me and said quite distinctly that, ‘We do not discuss the IRA around here.’ I got her point.

“There were good pubs!”

–Joe C., United States

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