How To Apply For Residency In Colombia

“Kathleen, I attended the Orlando Conference last week and I remember you saying in your introduction speech that we didn’t have to write everything down because we were going to be receiving copies of everything that was discussed in the conference. I’m assuming that the emails I’ve been receiving of late to make a discounted purchase of these items are for people that did not attend but would like the information. Please clarify that for me so I know what I need to do.

“Once again, thank you for a very informative conference. I’m sure all of the single people, like myself, appreciate that we were recognized, and I look forward to getting everyone’s email so we can stay in touch. It was fantastic to get all this information in one place. Thanks again to you and your staff.”

–Patricia W., United States

That’s right. You’ll be receiving the complete set of recordings, both audio and video, as well as all the speakers’ PowerPoints. It’s included as part of your conference admission. As you suggest, the Conference Kit is for anyone who wasn’t able to be in the room with us in Orlando last week but who would like to access all of the information shared.

“Kathleen, my question is for Lee Harrison. Lee, I jumped in on the Cartagena Suites offer in Medellin, Colombia, that you wrote about recently, with a small investment of US$25,000. I asked them about a visa that is offered with buying property in Colombia. Since I plan to live in Panama at least part time, would I benefit getting this visa in Colombia?

“The paperwork is large and scary for the visa and bank. Is it necessary to provide every penny you own? Need your input!”

–Halina K., United States

Overseas Property Alert Editor Lee Harrison responds:

My philosophy is that it’s always a good idea to get a visa if you can. In Colombia, you won’t incur any travel restrictions or tax consequences for this kind of visa, so there’s no downside. And having an extra residency is always a good backup maneuver, as it not only gives you residency but also access to the financial system.

The paperwork should not be “large and scary.” You don’t need a police check or a physical exam. You’ll need to show your passport and to prove that you’ve made the investment.

However, your question brings up an excellent point. It is not necessary to disclose all of your financial information when applying for a visa or when opening a bank or brokerage account in another country. You should disclose only what’s necessary. If you’re being asked to disclose much more than that, I’d find out why.

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