How To Connect With Expats And Retirees Living And Investing Overseas

“Kathleen, I personally cannot wait to get back to Belize (especially love Placencia) and am so grateful to you for introducing that lovely land and people to me through your lively writing.

“Rather enjoyed, a fav, though, your letter from France called ‘La Belle et la Bete’ and also the brief and sweet note on the Cotswolds.

“Looking forward to meeting you in person soon.”

–Katherine B., United States


“Kathleen, I’m in Australia and have been receiving your newsletters for a while now. Thank you and your team so much.

“I was hoping you might consider setting up a chat forum where I could talk to different expats or hope-to-be’s like me?

“I especially enjoyed reading Mike Sager’s description of the different options along the coast in Ecuador. It helped me a great deal, but I wouldn`t know how to organize a trip like that to check it out for myself. So I thought that maybe if there was a way to make some friends they could help me find my way to doing this. I can’t come to the seminars you run as your American laws, etc., will be very different to ours in Oz.

“Warm regards to you, Kathleen, and your team.”

–Sylvia D., Australia

First, our conferences could, in fact, be useful for you. The only thing that wouldn’t be relevant for you as a non-American would our discussions related to U.S. taxation. For our country-specific events, these U.S. tax sessions are a brief and minor part of the program, which is focused on the country specifically. Any discussion of taxation in the country being considered would be relevant for you…as, of course, would all other discussions.

Second, we do have an online forum where you can connect with other folks just like you considering their options, as you are, for relaunching their lives and diversifying their assets around the world.

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