How To Connect With Other Singles Planning To Retire Overseas

“Kathleen, as a 75-year-old widow wanting to move to Belize, I would like ever so much to penpal with singles in my age group in order to have a million and one questions answered.

“It’s a little scary trying to make such a major move on my own. I have a multitude of questions that I would love to have answers to.”

–Cheryl, United States

You’re not alone, Cheryl. Moving overseas is daunting—even for those doing it in the company of a partner or family. But help is at hand…

Members of our Overseas Retirement Circle are part of an inner circle working together, with full support from us and complete access to our extensive Live and Invest Overseas resources. They have our full attention and are treated like VIPs, enjoying special discounts, savings, perks, and privileges…including access to a few of our members-only forums where you can ask questions and meet other singles retiring overseas. You’ll even find a forum topic just for single women wanting to move abroad.


“Kathleen, I am single and wonder if your upcoming Retire Overseas Conference is a good idea for singles, too?”

–Bonita T., United States

Definitely. Our conferences in general and this one in particular are great opportunities for singles to connect and make friends.

Sometimes they’re a chance to make more than friends. I’ve known many singles over the years who have started friendships at our events that have led to partnerships, even romance.

In fact, I met Lief on a tour I was leading of Ireland some 17 years ago. Lief was a longtime reader, recently divorced, thinking, like me at the time, of moving to Ireland. He invited me out to a nightclub in Dublin the final night of the tour. You know the rest of the story…


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