How To Establish A Local Connection Overseas

“Kathleen, I found your response to a reader’s complaint about gringo pricing to be right on. I have experienced this even in France ordering a meal!

“You say, ‘Your objective as a buyer or renter anywhere is to get the local price or as close to it as possible. This isn’t easy. It requires research, education, and a local connection, someone you trust who knows what something should cost in that market.’

“Unfortunately, there are many poor people in Latin America and a lot of unscrupulous gringos who really take immoral advantage. One business investor from the United States persuaded a poor farmer in Costa Rica to sell his farm with the promise he could continue to live there. But when the investor finalized the purchase for a pittance, he kicked the farmer off.

“The locals learn very quickly from this lack of fairness and revolt by demanding more than is reasonable. You have to see both sides and work with the locals. I did that and created some of the best friends you could ever wish for. We all won.”

–Keith T., United States

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