How To Establish Permanent Residency In Belize


“Kathleen, thanks for your e-mails. While I had interest in Panama, I am afraid the heat and humidity of Panama City would be prohibitive for me, so I switched to Belize, which also seems to be a problem since a QRP must have at least US$2,000 income monthly.

“I am retired and receive just US$1,200 per month in Social Security income, which apparently means I don’t qualify. Are there any venues known to you that might allow me to secure residency absent concern over deportation by the Belizean government after the fact?”

–Richard​ M., United States

The Qualified Retired Person program is one option for establishing residency in Belize, but, yes, there is another.

You can also obtain permanent residency in Belize simply by showing up in the country and renewing your tourist visa every 30 days for 12 months. The downside to this approach is that it effectively means you can’t leave Belize for a year (you can leave for up to a couple weeks for an “emergency”).

On the other hand, this strategy comes with no formal minimum income requirement.

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