How To Establish Residency As A Retiree In Ireland

“Kathleen, we are Americans currently teaching in an international school overseas. My husband is retired U.S. military and currently receives a U.S. pension. We have been following the articles about retiring in Ireland and are interested in buying a house and retiring to Ireland in the next few years. After reviewing the immigration website, it looks like we would qualify for the Stamp 3, Non-EEA retired person of independent means. We sent an email asking information about this, and we were informed that it would be a Stamp 0. It seems the Stamp 0 does not allow permanent residence/naturalization.

“With all the recent articles and research that Live and Invest Overseas has done, would you have any insight/advise to offer?”

–Julie S., United States

You are correct. You want Stamp 3. I’m guessing that whoever responded to your inquiry to Irish immigration said Stamp 0 because you mentioned that you are teachers. Stamp 0 is for visiting academics.

When communicating with bureaucrats, it’s best not to offer any extraneous information. They generally have little capacity for filtering information. (Smiley Face)

To apply for residency in Ireland, you simply need to present yourself at the garda station that is in charge of immigration for the region of the country where you are residing. It’s a straightforward process, and you shouldn’t be bothered by Irish attorneys or others who suggest otherwise. We navigated it on our own years ago when we took up residence in Ireland. In other words, you don’t need expert or legal counsel; you just need persistence.

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