How To Find A Rental And Property Manager In Panama City, Panama

“Kathleen, we are subscribers to your Panama Letter. We have our pensionado visas and are buying a nice condo at the Villa Mar Building on Avenida Balboa. The place is going to be our residence in a year or so. Meanwhile we want to rent this place short term. We have interviewed a couple of rental managers. We know how important it is to have the best management. The one you use we would like to interview. Could you send us that information? We will be in Panama City starting the fourth of March to close on our deal.”

–Anthony B., United States

At the moment, we manage our Panama City rental apartment ourselves.

The short-term rental management company we’ve used in this city in the past was Property Management Solutions. We transitioned to managing this rental ourselves after a staff change with that group. The new manager wasn’t as effective, we thought, as the one we’d been working with. Plus, by that time, we were living in Panama City full time, meaning that managing the property ourselves was a realistic option.

The group we worked with is still around and is now called Property Rental Solutions. As they’ve changed their name since we worked with them, maybe they’ve changed management staff again, as well. You could speak with them and make your own determination. The website is

Note that this is a Bern company (Bern is the oldest and one of the biggest developers in Panama City). I believe they take on only apartments in Bern buildings for management. That said, I also believe that Villa Mar is a Bern building.

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